How To Use Boachsoft LowRider To Manage All Your Work Orders

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Believe me! You can use Boachsoft Lowrider to manage the work orders of any business. It is the ideal work order management software.

Image of a checklist of work to be done
Work Order Checklist

Boachsoft Lowrider was initially designed for the management of auto repairs. However, the software can be used to manage all types of repair shops such as furniture repairs, computer repairs, cell phone repairs, boat repairs, and airplane repairs. Also, the software, which has been equipped with an excellent work order management module, can be used for all your work order management needs.

Aside, the work order module, Boachsoft Lowrider has an excellent inventory tracking system. When the stock of an item in inventory falls below a set threshold, a window will pop up informing you, and also providing you with a button which would help you to create a purchase order immediately. The purchase order, vendors invoice, and receiving report are tracked for you automatically.

A work order simply lists the tasks to be performed, quantities of all parts needed and their costs, labors to be performed and their associated costs as well as the workers who performed them, and all machinery used and the costs incurred. In addition to this, a work order may list a few details about the customer, and the item on which the work has to be performed, which could be a car, a boat, an airplane, and so on.

The work order screen of Boachsoft Lowrider can also be used to take payment details from the customer. You can then print a nice invoice.

The first impediment many people face when trying to use Boachsoft Lowrider for a business other than an auto repair shop is that each time they try to create a work order they are asked to select a customer and the repair item. Some businesses don’t really deal with items such as cars or boats, but rather with repairs that are hard to define such as the washroom of a particular room in an apartment bulding.

If you want to use Boachsoft Lowrider to manage your work orders, you must have the customer’s details in your customer database as well as the item to be worked on. First let us change the business type. To do this, select ‘File’ from the main menu and then select ‘Options’. In the Options Screen, enter your type of business into the ‘Business Type’ field. For example, enter “Washers & Dryers”. Whatever you type will appear in the customer and work order screens.

To add a new customer, select ‘customers’ from the main menu bar, and then select ‘new customer’. After entering the customer details, save by clicking ‘Ok’. Now, select ‘Edit Customer’ to edit the customer. You should see a new tab labelled “Washers & Dryers”. If you entered another type of business, whatever you typed should appear in the new tab. Switch to that tab. Add one repair item. Enter only the information needed. You should at least type the model or registration number.

Now you can create a work order for this particular customer. In the work order screen, select this customer, and then the “Washer & Dryer”. You can then create a work order for the customer.

Yes it is that simple. You are now ready to use Boachsoft Lowrider for all your work orders. This software can be used by custom software developers, fashion houses, and so on. It is the cheapest software for managing work orders that really gets the job done.

Boachsoft LowRider is an excellent work order management software. This repair shop management software is ideal for managing all repair outlets. Boachsoft Landlord is an excellent landlord software. Also called property management software

Credit: Boachsoft Founder & CEO, Yaw Boakye-Yiadom (pronounced Yiaw Bwachi-Yiadom)

Yaw Boakye-Yiadom is the Founder and CEO of Boachsoft.
Yaw Boakye-Yiadom is the Founder and CEO of Boachsoft.
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