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tenancy agreement
tenancy agreement

Everything in this world is either coming into being or going out of being. If this is the case then are some things not being repeated? If some things are being repeated then it appears we are revolving round the same point.  But should they be repeated in the same way?  I want you to know that  I believe that there ought to be an upward movement from the old state to the new state and Boachsoft, which I founded, is committed to this.   Needless to say there ought to be progress as we go back and forth. Thankfully many have realized this, thus the commitment of so much towards research.

A house being rented out

Where did the word landlord or landlady come from? Well I am sure you see a land and then a lord. That is it. Many  years ago some landlord owners rented out their lands to people called peasants who farmed the land and lived on the land while paying large parts of their produce to the owners.  A similar situation prevailed under the feudal system where lands were held by the manorial lords.

Today you know as well as I do that  a  landlord or landlady is commonly the property manager who rents out a single family home or a multi-apartment complex.

Managing a property as a landlord or landlady with paper, pen and a calculator can be laborious for even people who own small buildings with only a single tenant.  For managers of multi apartment complexes completing tasks is unthinkable without additional workers.

I am sure you know the every day tasks of a property manager. I would go through just a few with you.  First and foremost every property manager would want to get the best of tenants. Telling a possibly troublesome tenant can be hard. I am sure you  would want to look at the tenants credit rating.  However, before you accept any  tenant sign a contract or tenancy agreement with the tenant. From the agreement a casual observer should be able to tell that there was intention to create legal relations. To put it simply an attorney  must be involved. This should include at least three other witnesses and specify explicitly the terms. You may want to collect a deposit  for breakage, damage or misuse of the facilities. However, there many aspects of the property that the property manager must maintain.

Can the property manager do this all alone? I am sure you are as sure as I am that this would be extremely painful  and inefficient in a multi-apartment complex. Boachsoft provides a computer desktop landlord manager that not only  eases the pain but gladdens the hearts of property managers. I want to tell you that Boachsoft’s  landlord software does just that.  Boachsoft Landlord 2008 is still superb.

Boachsoft Founder and CEO Yaw Boakye-Yiadom
Boachsoft Founder and CEO Yaw Boakye-Yiadom

To begin with it is packed with a robust enterprise level database.  It comes with a sample tenancy agreement which you can use or modify to fit your local laws. It does all the work for you. It keeps track of all properties, states and occupants of apartments.  It provides the property manager with the right information just when he or she needs it.  It keeps accounting or a payment records as well as personal information of unlimited number of tenants. You can collect rent and print  invoices. Creating other recurring charges is as easy as saying ‘ABC’.Though not the only product on the market it is better in so many ways and does just what we have been talking about. It elevates landlords or property managers from an old state of drudgery and inefficiency  to a new state of increased productivity, accuracy and better decision making.

A world of drudgery is extinguished by this pain easer. How else does this ease the pain? The software allows you to send rent payment notifications to all your tenants via email. Just create your templates.  It has the feature that Boachsoft Bizcom 2015 provides for any database; it allows property managers to create emails and print letters automatically to every customer in the database from a template.  What could be better than this? The insightful reports are indeed  a timer saver in an increasingly competitive world.

It has been estimated that in the next 10 years close to 10 trillion US dollars is going to be spent on digitization. You can’t afford to do things the old way.

Boachsoft also makes video rental software.



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