Look into the future
Look into the future


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Look into the future
Look into the future

Telling the future with accuracy has become so important that many universities are now offering degrees in future studies. There is a debate as to whether this discipline is an art or science. Future studies or futurology seeks to understand what is likely to continue and what could plausibly change. I think every country ought to offer degree programs in future studies. 

Having a firm control of your finances includes the ability to tell the future. One may ask questions like how much is  the balance of a particular bank account going to be at the end of two years or would I be able to achieve my savings goal? These often leave people worried. How do people resolve such concerns? Some don’t believe that there is any way to predict this. Others do believe that this can be estimated but lack the knowledge or find it hard.

Well I would like you to know that this is very possible and this can be very easy with the right tools. You don’t need a degree in future studies or have to be a futurist to do this. You don’t have to save so much money to pay a person with PhD in future studies to do this. With Yaw Boakye-Yiadom’s Boachsoft Finance 2012 you can get a software for less than $50 which would afford you this luxury any time you want.

Boachsoft Finance helps you shape your future
Boachsoft Finance helps you shape your future

Boachsoft Finance 2012 has a feature called forecast center which is the easiest to use and has the most advanced underlying engine to help you forecast your finances. The 2012 version of Boachsoft Finance is the only version that you must use. To get the right results any time you update your data close and reopen the forecast center by clicking the forecast center button on the toolbar.

I am sure you are now asking yourself. Is this true? Can it be done. Well I would tell you how Boachsoft Finane does this. Many people have transactions that occur regularly. You may set this up in scheduled transaction and Boachsoft Finance 2012 would make the deductions for you automatically. The forecast center uses your scheduled transactions in making an accurate forecast of your account. For example if you receive a fixed salary every month or pay internet bills every month the forecast center would use this data.

The forecast center also takes a look at your annual, monthly or weekly budget for the various categories and analyzes the data. It includes this data in the forecast. Needless to say that before you use the forecast center you must have some data already in your Boachsoft Finance file.

Another important piece of information that Boachsoft Finance 2012 uses in making an accurate forecast are your past expenses, income and transfers. It looks through the registers of your varioun accounts peeking at the categories over a period of time. It seeks information on your spending habits and your income and uses this data in making the forecast.

However as futurists say there are wildcard events which you must include in your forecasts. What are wildcard events? Wildcard events are unexpected events. How does Boachsoft Finance 2012 handle this. Well Yaw Boakye-Yiadom recognized this and made provision for this. It is difficult to predict this. In Boachsoft Finance 2012 you can create virtual events; this may be one time or recurring. The forecast center leaves you to make this decision. It also allows you to inactivate or reactivate a recurring transaction in the forecast center so you can make provision for wildcard events. Boachsoft Finance 2012 has made provision for wildcard events.

After creating a new file the first thing you must do is update your exchange rates and afterwards you must do this weekly.

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credit: Boachsoft Founder Yaw Boakye-Yiadom

Boachsoft Founder and Sole Proprietor Yaw Boakye-Yiadom
Boachsoft Founder and Sole Proprietor Yaw Boakye-Yiadom

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