Boachsoft Founder talks about Boachsoft in a video

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Boachsoft logo
Boachsoft Logo

In the embedded video above hosted on the Boachsoft Youtube  Channel,  as Boachsoft Founder and Sole Proprietor I talked about Boachsoft.

Around this time software companies put in more than the usual effort in ensuring that products are delivered on time.Boachsoft is actually in the crunch period. By the crunch period I  am talking about the period leading up to a deadline.


Crunch time at Boachsoft
Crunch time at Boachsoft

Some may say that in this day and age this isn’t necessary because of agile software development techniques which are similar toiterative development methods. Is the waterfall method of software development dead? Well I don’t think so. Boachsoft has used it over and over again. Divide and conquer is the word. This product under development is not for a particular customer though; it is for the mass market.Many work around the clock. Appearance, may not even be a priority. You may find developers with unkempt hair and unshaven beards. Developers doing what they love. However, in the video I am sure my appearance was more than satisfactory.

Waterfall software development methodology
Waterfall software development methodology

However, I anticipate several updates to the product in the course of the year.





Agile development methodology
Agile development methodology

So I have been denying myself so many things. Avoiding many things which I do routinely. Software code is all I am seeing most of the time. But I still have to make time available for the most important things.

Sadly the deadline just passed. I have been working on Boachsoft Lowrider 2016. This is a repair and servicing workshop software. This would be ideal for auto repairs as well as boats, ships and computer repair workshops. The deadline just passed. The deadline was April 1. However, the software would be released in less than 4 weeks.

As I have already said central to Boachsoft’s success has been customer feedback. This I consider valuable. This is what actually makes the product sell. The software is undergoing rigorous testing. However, from experience there are always some short falls and customers help a great deal in solving these problems.

Boachsoft does have a lot coming up this year. For the rest of the details watch the video.


Boachsoft also makes an excellent landlord software and a video rental software as well.

Boachsoft Founder and Sole Proprietor Yaw Boakye-Yiadom with spectacles off
Boachsoft Founder and Sole Proprietor Yaw Boakye-Yiadom with spectacles off


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