Boachsoft begins 2017 with Mycommerce

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Boachsoft begins 2017 with Mycommerce

Boachsoft now routing payments solely through Mycommerce
Boachsoft now routing payments solely through Mycommerce

What should one expect this year from Boachsoft?

Extending Global Reach With Mycommerce

In the above video I talked about the outlook for 2017. I talked about Boachsoft plans for the year. It was a rather short video but filled with much information. There is one significant change though. Boachsoft is no longer working with Avangate. Boachsoft is now processing payments solely through Mycommerce, a Digital River Company. Boachsoft started working with Mycommerce (Shareit) in 2004. It’s been more than a decade. However, Boachsoft would now be routing payments solely through Mycommerce.

Boachsoft products would be translated into more languages. A few years ago I had an email from a customer. The customer wanted one of Boachsoft products in another language so badly that the customer offered to translate it for free. This conversation with a loyal customer has not been forgotten. Boachsoft considers localisation as one of the key pillars of our global efforts and our drive towards excellence.

Boachsoft is committed to excellence
Boachsoft is committed to excellence

This year I hope to translate more products into at least 2 languages. This is also in line with Boachsoft’s growth objectives.

Boachsoft LowRider 2017

Last year Boachsoft released a new product Boachsoft LowRider 2016. That marked Boachsoft’s entry into the work order management software and repair shop management software markets. In earlier posts I explained at length what a work order is. Clearly, better products are needed and these products would always be in demand. While many software companies have developed similar products Boachsoft brings its unique commitment to ease of use, excellence, continual updates, higher value per dollar invested and its vision to this market. The product first released in May last year has seen many updates and its share of bug fixes. The current version released in June is very stable.

This year Boachsoft LowRider 2017, expected to be released no later than June promises more. Mobile app integration, sms and email alerts and more reports are but only a few of the features under consideration. Also under consideration is a subscription based web app version of the product.

Boachsoft Finance 2017

Boachsoft Finance, first written in C# in 2004, would get a major update this year. The current version Boachsoft Finance 2012 suffered a set back when the yahoo source of latest exchange rate and stock quote url was modified. I moved in and quickly modified the product so that stock quotes and exchange rates can still be downloaded. However, this introduced a bug for defunct stock quotes and exchange rates.

The need for a new and a far better version available in more languages cannot be over-emphasized. Towards this end, this year Boachsoft would begin work on two new versions. The first would be released as Boachsoft Finance 2017. Dynamic link libraries written in assembly language would be incorporated. The artificial intelligence engine in the current version is great. It is simply awesome. In the 2017 version improvements would be made by incorporating mathematical concepts like correlation, coefficient of variation amongst others. The forecast center would see improvements; present value interest factor as well future value interest factor will improve forecasts.

Boachsoft Bizcom 2017

Boachsoft Bizcom, first released in 2015, hasn’t witnessed a major update. The much anticipated update expected in 2016 had to pave way for other Boachsoft activities which took much time. This won’t be the case this year. Boachsoft Bizcom 2017 would fulfill a promise made more than a year ago. Looking at our investment opportunities schedule we believe that this year the product would come into fruition.

Boachsoft Cosmetologo 2017

Also high on our investment opportunities schedule is Boachsoft Cosmetologo. Initially scheduled to be released in the last quarter of last year the product couldn’t be released because of challenges Boachsoft faced. Salon and spa management software market would see a new product which promises better user experience. It would be helpful in the financial management of Salon and spa outlets.

Boachsoft xRental Smartmanager 2017

It is clear that streaming services have won the video rental market. While Boachsoft Smartmanager 2013 would still be available, Boachsoft xRental Smartmanager 2017 promises value for money for those in the equipment and tool rental business.

Support Videos

It is a fact that more than half of features in software are not understood or used by users. Why? Poor documentation, bad usability. Support videos are priceless in solving these problems. On Boachsoft’s youtube channel we would release more support videos that would demonstrate product features, guide you from beginning to the end.

These summarize Boachsoft’s plans for the year. Expect surprises. Excellence awaits you. Boachsoft promises to deliver the best. For those who speak other languages I say to you – puede ser feliz. Along the course of the year read the interesting articles on Boachsoft founder’s blog. Follow Boachsoft on twitter, pinterest and youtube.


Boachsoft also makes an excellent repair shop management software as well as an excellent video rental software 

Credit Boachsoft Founder, CEO, Sole Shareholder – Yaw Boakye-Yiadom

Boachsoft Founder and Sole Proprietor Yaw Boakye-Yiadom with spectacles off
Boachsoft Founder and Sole Proprietor Yaw Boakye-Yiadom with spectacles off
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