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Boachsoft was founded in 2004 by Yaw Boakye – Yiadom [pronounced Yiaw Bwachi – Yiadom (chi as in chill)] who happens to be the Sole Proprietor and CEO of the company. My goal is to provide excellent software with an equally adorable customer service. Boachsoft sells its products directly to customers. Our products, used by hundreds of users across the globe are robust.

Boachsoft Dammen (also called) draft written before Boachsoft was launched was never publicly released. Boachsoft only sells the installable binary version of the products. Boachsoft has never sold the source code or key generator of any of the products. The first publicly released product was Boachsoft Smartmanager 1.0 library and video rental software with imprinted in it. Within weeks a crack was found on the net.
Today Boachsoft Smartmanager 2013, which is the latest, is ideal for equipment rentals, video rentals, public libraries and supermarkets. Anybody who tries to crack this version would definitely have a serious headache.

Boachsoft products have grown. Do send your suggestions for improvement. Tablet and phone apps would be released soon

Boachsoft does not and has never sold the source code or key generator of its products.

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About Yaw Boakye-Yiadom 33 Articles
Yaw Boakye-Yiadom is the Founder and CEO of Boachsoft – a global software company committed to excellence. Years of experience in software engineering and computer programming. Also had 7 years of university education in human biology, medicine and surgery. Voracious reader, active blogger and critical thinker.

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